benefits for moms and dads

  • provides more energy to keep up with the kids
  • reduces chance of hurting back while picking up the kids
  • decreases overall risk of injury while playing with the kids
  • improves sleep quality including ability to fall asleep more quickly (especially useful during nap time)
  • lowers stress levels making it easier to deal with those wonderful temper tantrums, sibling fights, stressed-out spouses, etc...
  • boosts immune system to help fight all those bugs brought into the house
  • sets a great example for the kids
  • plus all the benefits listed below under Anyone Else!

benefits for insanely busy individuals and couples

  • reduces stress levels and increases feelings of calmness, relaxation, and well-being making it easier to forget about work and enjoy time at home
  • provides an activity that you can enjoy together thereby strengthening relationship bonds
  • decreases feelings of fatigue and provides the energy for enjoying other activities together
  • strengthens the body allowing you to do the things you did when you were younger
  • enhances body image and perceived attractiveness helping to keep that spark alive
  • improves sleep quality (quantity is probably limited so quality needs to be high)
  • improves overall health, something that is easily taken for granted when young and busy
  • plus all the ones listed below under Anyone Else!

benefits for inspiring older adults

  • increases not only life expectancy, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the quality of life
  • enhances balance thereby reducing risk of falls
  • increases leg strength and walking speed
  • assists in the treatment of arthritis by increasing joint range of motion
  • raises overall strength level thereby promoting independent living
  • decreases the chance of becoming disabled
  • strengthens bones reducing the risk of osteoporosis or helping to slow its progression
  • provides more energy to keep up with the grandchildren
  • improves memory and cognitive function and reduces the risk for or delays the onset of dementia
  • lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction
  • reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer
  • helps control blood sugar in those who already have diabetes
  • and of course, all the ones listed below under Anyone Else!

benefits for anyone else

  • builds muscle, burns fat, makes you want to stand in front of a mirror
  • increases energy level, stamina, and the desire to move
  • increases flexibility and the ability to move how you want to move
  • increases both longevity and the quality of life
  • lowers "bad" cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides
  • lowers stress levels and trains the body to handle future periods of stress
  • makes running a 5K seem easy
  • motivates loved ones to exercise
  • opens up the possibility of climbing a mountain
  • opens up the possibility of dunking a basketball
  • opens up the possibility of having washboard abs
  • raises "good" cholesterol
  • raises self esteem
  • reduces feelings of depression
  • reduces risk for certain types of cancer
  • reduces risk for diabetes
  • reduces risk for erectile dysfunction
  • reduces risk for heart disease
  • shrinks waist size, hip size, thigh size, etc...
  • strengthens muscles and bones, improves posture, and helps fix a bad back
  • works off frustration and helps to get a better night of sleep

Please remember, the following lists are by no means complete.  New and ongoing studies and observations are continually demonstrating additional benefits of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Also realize that not every person will experience every benefit listed.  While many of the benefits do occur with a general health and fitness program, some require a more specialized program in order to achieve.  Prior to beginning, we will discuss which benefits are most important to you.  I will then customize each program based on your desired benefits.

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